Our Work Professional Footballers

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We provide private nutrition support to individual professional footballers.

There is a growing trend in elite level football for athletes to have their own, trusted, multi-disciplinary team away from their club that will support them throughout their career.

Working with us, we collaborate with the parent club by obtaining the pre-season and on-going testing, blood work, and profiling data, as well as match and training load data to identify training and energy demands. We’re transparent in our recommendations and feed this back to the club so it can be supported and factored into their individual development plan.

We have an excellent track record of collaborating directly with performance chefs both within clubs and private chefs within the household, supporting menu design to complement the nutrition strategy.

We provide day-by-day, meal-by-meal instructions for the player, chef, and family to follow to promote the athlete’s health, drive adaptive responses to training, recovery from games, and fuel for performance.