Welcome to Combine Performance

Combine Performance provides sports science and medicine consultancy to high performing professional teams and athletes.

We take the approach of combining research, both existing as well as conducting our own in-house action research with our clients, with years of applied experience in professional sport to provide evidence-informed performance solutions and services. Taking this approach we aim to support world-class performances, better health, longevity, and sustainable careers for the individuals and teams we work with.



We don’t jump in. We make informed decisions based on the needs of the client. We work directly with the key stakeholders to help identify performance limiters, identify performance priorities, and through co-development methods help design the solutions and implementation of strategies.



We provide sports science and performance support in all its forms to athletes and teams. From physical profiling, strength and conditioning programming, nutrition, and physiotherapy, we believe performance is only possible when built on a solid foundation of health, wellbeing, and recovery.



Whether guest lectures or CPD events to teams, organisations, academic courses, and conferences, we can speak on a number of areas within sports science from our specialist areas through to our experiences of applied practices in professional and elite sport.


Athlete Support

We support a small number of individual high level international athletes with our performance support services. Dependent on where in the world we can conduct in-person or remote support covering profiling, S&C programming, nutrition support, physiotherapy, sleep & recovery, and jet-lag & travel planning.

Our Work

Discover examples of how we have supported performances across a number of sports

Professional Footballers

Working with players, private chefs, family members and the parent club, we provide the highest level of private nutrition support to professional footballers.

International Equestrian

From working with Olympic and World Champions, discover how we support international equestrian athletes.

Formula 1

Discover how we support the health, wellbeing and pitstop performance to an F1 Race team.

Premier League Football

Discover how we provide first-class performance nutrition consultancy to Premier League Football Clubs

Motorsport Drivers

From Formula 1 to karters, we provide performance support to driver athletes.

Professional Horseracing

From newly-licensed to international jockeys, learn how we support both riders and the wider industry in sports science and nutrition support

Who we work with


“I’ve worked with Dan across academic, applied and industry related startup projects. He is a phenomenal problem solver and critical thinker that can adapt his skill set across multiple environments to help a range of stakeholders. His applied experience supported by his qualitative and quantitative expertise makes him a great addition to any team.”

David Dunne

CEO, Hexis

“Dan is a very well respected practitioner who’s impact in sport genuinely changes the way organisations operate nutrition services. Just look at his PhD research and the innovative change this has made in the horse racing circles! With multiple publications to his name and professional sporting clubs and bodies, Dan is one of the best in the industry.”

Dr James Morehen

Performance Nutritionist at Bristol Bears and England Rugby Author of 'The Performance Nutritionist'

“Without a doubt, the best nutritionist I’ve worked with.”

Fraser Forster

Tottenham Hotspur and England Goalkeeper