Performance Solutions

By identifying the priorities, a clear performance solution can be developed.



What does it take to win?

Take a step back and ask the question of ‘what does it take to win?’. What are the KPI’s and what are the main determinants of optimal performance. These could be physical determinants, or the decision making processes that come before any physical action. Calibrate the efforts of the team with that of the evidence and confirm that there is a true understanding of what is required to perform.



Determine the Needs

With a clear understanding of what is required to perform, conducting a review and assessing the current practices and processes in place helps to identify what and where the performance limiters currently are. This could be reviewing of existing data or collecting thoughts by interview or focus groups.



Identify the Priorities

Not all things can change at once. With themes constructed and a ‘long-list’ of practices and processes that could be improved, prioritise which ones are the most important and will provide the biggest return in performance on the time and effort spent and make these high priority.



Co-Develop the Solution

If an individual or group are going to be impacted by the solution or asked to change the way they work, involve them in the inception stage of the design. Collaboration and co-development in the early stages spawns better ideas, helps identify and navigate any potential barriers, creates wider buy-in, and helps create a more effective and impactful solution.



Implement & Evaluate Performance Support

With a context-specific strategy or solution designed, it is down to implementation using the performance support services available.