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Contribute to world-class performances, better health, and support sustainable careers for the people we work with, by combining existing research with our breadth of applied experiences into evidence-informed and impactful practices and solutions.



We always put the human first.

We provide the support because we care about the individuals we work with, their health, and the impact working in high performance sport can have on their families. We want to be part of a winning team, but built on a strong foundation of, and never at the expense of, wellbeing. We want to make positive contributions towards healthy, successful, and long careers.

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Whether a rookie or a veteran, fit or injured, home or far away, we use our combined knowledge and experiences to support the needs of our clients at that time, in that context.

We don’t subcontract to dozens of coaches, we use a small number of highly qualified people who all share the same values. We believe continuity, consistency, and familiarity promotes trust, and builds value in the role of sports science in their health, wellbeing, and performance.


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